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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KitKat's Human Vending Machine in London

Kit Kat develops a creative word of mouth campaign by putting a human being inside a vending machine, right in the middle of London's Victoria Station.

Results: thousands of consumers queued in front of the machine to experience a human-based vending machine. Great emotional bond with the product, free PR, plus the money went to charity.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coca-Cola upside-down

Creative supermarket display that visually proves the "zero sugar" claim...

Results: impactful visual = higher recall

Wonderbra goes 3D

Another example of 3D ATL, in London.

More visual than traditional ATL, more impactful (might even create traffic jams)...

Results: well, you can see the results, right? More to come from Wonderbra in the coming weeks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nestlé launches Special-T to build up on the Nespresso model

Nestlé launches a Tea machine in France and Switzerland, on the Nespresso model.

Consumers buy capsules (0.35 €) and the machine adapts the temperature and infusion time.

Nestlé's first attempt to go after Unilever, world leader in the tea market with 10% market share.

Clothing Brand Desigual gets creative

Desigual, a famous Spanish clothing brand, launched a "semi naked" event for their Barcelona store.

Customers were invited to visit the store in "light" clothing (meaning: underwear) and go home with two free garments.

Results: free air-time, great buzz around the city, reinforces the "coolness factor" of the brand

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Schweppes uses nature to boost awareness

To all Swiss watchers: imagine Schweppes using "le jet d'eau de Genève"...

schweppes bottle oeiras from Pony Tale on Vimeo.

Palmolive goes Street Marketing

Interesting concept from Palmolive in Moscow...

In between street marketing and "living ATL"... Reminds me of live models in shop windows...

Results: High product recall, large attention span, instant buzz and spread via mobile phones, social media

Interactive video: A hunter shoots a bear!

More interactive than ever... You actually write the story!

Results: Over 3 million views on YouTube after one week, great consumer engagement, high product recall

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Augmented Reality - this is not a cereal box

Another good example of how Augmented Reality can create emotional bond between the brand and the (young) consumer:

Tried it at work a few weeks ago (yes, I'm a Chocapic addict). Amazing example of interactive packaging!
Results: steep increase in website visits, great consumer engagement and interaction with the brand

If interested in such concepts, you might want to see this:
Molson Dry AR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4n2lNVwqSM
Lego AR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UxWkZtUKaI

Latest news: I attended a conference on "Interactive Packaging" at Nestlé Research Center yesterday; their Packaging Innovation Group Manager announced a new, updated version of the game coming this October in France... Will keep an eye on that one.

Why your kids will have an iPad before you do...

This video says it all... iPad is so interactive you kids will get one before you do...

Yes, technology sometimes unfolds endless marketing possibilities... Imagine allowing the viewer to order instantly (clothing, toys, DVD...). Also, think product placement, user-genereated content, targeted advertising...

Coca-Cola goes green

Coca-cola teamed up with chair manufacturer Emeco to retail chairs made of recycled plastic bottles.
111 coke bottles are necessary to create a chair. Official launch was at Milan Furniture Fair in April 2010.

Results: nice PR campaign for Coca-Cola, inspiring concept to tend towards a greener production
More info on http://emecowithcoke.com/information

Monday, September 6, 2010

Will It Blend? - iPhone

Will it Blend?

Blender firm BLENDTEC became popular thanks to their old school infomercials on YouTube.

From iPhone to golf balls to iPad, everything blends!

Results: over 100 million views on YouTube (yes, that's the population of the UK & Spain together...)

Tissot Watches Augmented Reality Demo Video

Augmented Reality: nicely done by Swiss watch makers Tissot

Experience the Touch collection in 3D at your own wrist

Qualitative brand interaction with strong customer interaction.

Try it out on www.tissot.ch/reality/

Heineken - The Tube

Another great Heineken commercial... Watch out, we're getting used to it!

Still, humor remains a powerful tool to convey emotion to a brand...

Results: although this one is still new, over 10 million views for the previous one (Heineken Walk-In Fridge)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Teaming up to push both brands... Mercedes and Apple

Successful campaign from Mercedes, using latest technology (Apple's iPad) to promote their latest exclusive model: the SLS AMG

Target group: wealthiest 220 football players in the French Championship
Concept: each of the best-paid 220 players receives a free iPad in a luxury box (3-month before iPad's official launch in France). A Mercedes film is played on the iPad, with an invitation for an exclusive test-drive for the newly-released supercar Mercedes SLS AMG.

Results: 100% reservations for test drive

More info on http://vimeo.com/11874794

Product Placement (sort of...)

Creative thinking for this Xbox latest game: Need for Speed.

In South Africa, banners were placed in strategic locations (speeding zones) where traffic radars could take pictures. Speeding tickets were sent with the following picture:

Results: optimized targeting at minimal cost

More info on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6jKAhgkLdQ&feature=player_embedded

Buzz Marketing - What if money grew on trees?

Creative word-of-mouth campaign from Rabobank in Sydney, Australia: what if money grew on trees?

Results: Thousands of potential customers impacted by the promotion (lots of people seen taking photos of the tree), for a minimal budget

More info on: http://www.rabodirect.com.au/landing/money-tree/default.html

Ambient - Nintendo goes crosswords

Creative ambient campaign transforming restroom tiles into giant crosswords for the promotion of their latest Brain Teaser game

Call to action: 10% off vouchers were placed directly by the sinks

Street Marketing - McDonald's in Switzerland

Street marketing in Zurich: Mc Donald's pimped pedestrian crossing (yep, the one that leads to the restaurant)

ATL with real 3D: IKEA France

Creative ATL campaign for a new IKEA opening in France
Teaser - revealer mechanism to give sense of urgency... Smart and fun!

After a few days quite a few billboards appeared vandalized (on purpose?), with items missing.
Stickers were immediately placed, such as "too impatient?" or "Finally, IKEA is coming":

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ATL with a twist: Mini Italy

Interesting concept using two billboards in coordination

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Viral Marketing 101: use humor!

Reebok Superbowl 2003 Commercial

Aired only once on National TV, downloaded over 7 million times from Reebok's website, 25'000 fans on Facebook

Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot

More than Gillette branding, such viral video reinforces Roger Federer's own branding

(although certainly a fake... Roger would never agree to potentially hurt someone...)

Results: 6 million views on YouTube, and counting (#1 Roger's video on YouTube after 1 week only)


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