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Monday, August 19, 2013

Coca-Cola goes green

Coca-Cola goes green in Argentina with Coca-Cola Life:

This green Coke is partially replacing sugar with Stevia, a plant extract from Paraguay.

Playing on a meta-trend towards Sustainability and Environment.

Result: must have been quite encouraging, since Coke decided for a quick rollout globally

Once again, IKEA is advertising where their customers are: in the streets...

IKEA is proving innovative once again, placing clever advertising directly where their customers stand: in the streets...

IKEA redesigned car sharing stations in Paris, France as kitchens and bathrooms:

On top, they had an entire float of cars carrying IKEA carton boxes driving around Paris:

Car sharing users where also offered a discount when visiting IKEA.

Results: Word of mouth with an eco-friendly twist (carpool and get a discount)