David Medvedowsky is an MBA graduate with over 10 years of experience in FMCG and Consulting, in constant search of innovative and disruptive touch points to engage with consumers.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Street marketing - various examples

Smart and (sometimes) subtle brand integration into everyday objects. 

Kit Kat makes you hungry:

Nike makes you keep running:

 Mister Proper proves you how strong he cleans:

 IWC makes you try their latest Pilot watch in the bus:

A local zoo makes you feel the emotion before the visit:

Miele shows the power of their latest vacuum cleaner:

A travel agency boosts your desire to escape winter:

Results: increased recall, anchored consumer benefit, emotional engagement

Friday, August 28, 2015

In person emotional engagement

Emotional engagement with target audience, or how to generate life-long memories

To mark Heineken’s sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2015, Jonah Lomu surprises some unsuspecting Heineken drinkers in a local rugby pub in Dublin:

The Jonah Lomu machine creates an instant and long-lasting emotional tie with the Heineken brand.

Results: still a bit early to tell, but will certainly generate tons of social media interactions

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another good example of interactive billboard on a bus shelter

Disruptive communication campaign from Pepsi Max, using 3D animations on Bus Shelters to raise awareness within its key demographics of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Result: 7 million views on YouTube, 9% Facebook engagement (people who saw the content and decided to share, which is 6 times the category's average)

Interactive Carlsberg poster

Interactive Carlsberg poster in London, with a beer-dispensing tab.

Although the activity lasted for one day only, the poster had people queuing all day long.

According to a senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK: "By creating an experience that consumers were willing to share, we maximized our reach and created a piece of viral activity that travelled globally"

Result: the poster reached 60 million consumers globally with over 30 million impressions on Social Media

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Casino advertising in Airport

Smart usage of luggage conveyor belt in Airport as advertising for a Casino:

Rather than inventing new touch points, let's use existing ones!