David Medvedowsky is an MBA graduate with over 10 years of experience in FMCG and Consulting, in constant search of innovative and disruptive touch points to engage with consumers.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Heineken innovates again with out-of-the-box recruitment

Another striking example of a large FMCG getting creative where we don't expect it. This time in recruitment.

Heineken went "reality show" to recruit an event coordinator:

Results: Buzz / word of mouth, free air time in lots of online publications. On top, what a boost in terms of Brand Image and Company corporate image!

Who wouldn't want to work for Heinkenen, now?

Plus they got the right guy for the job...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sprite goes beach marketing

Street marketing is nice, Beach marketing is even nicer!

Sprite Brazil decided to pimp beach showers to highlight the refreshing effect of their drink:

Results: very visible and catchy execution, good link with product's USP

When Rugby fans meet Creative Directors

Here's an efficient campaign based on customer engagement.

Local Beer brand in Argentina engaged with targeted audience (Rugby fans who drink beer - yes, that's a pleonasm) by placing vending machines in specific bars.

Customers then had to tackle the machine in order to get their beer:

Results: sales increase of 25%, along with great word of mouth around community

Engage with your audience, at the right place, at the right time

Shopper Marketing at its best...

What's the ideal time and place to engage with your audience? When they have plenty of time and not much to do, ie in an airport, waiting for boarding!

IKEA re-designed Paris Charles-de-Gaulle boarding room with an IKEA lounge (and Kids lounge) so that travellers could rest in good comfort while browsing IKEA catalogues and IKEA website.

Results: Plenty of time for your customers to test latest products in real life, good interaction with target audience, satisfying consumer moment

Street marketing - stick into consumers' minds

Another example of using your environment to convey your message to a broad audience.

Japanese glue brand Alteco used a Shanghai bridge to cleverly display their latest product:

Results: free ATL coverage followed by a sales increase of 120%

When going green, go all the way!

Unique-Selling Proposition...

You claim to be green? Show it all the way down to your communication!

Good example with Car Maker SMART who sends a direct mailing that transforms into a living plant:

After reading the ad, put the paper into rich soil, water it, and there grows a plant!

Results: what better way to pass the message along? Potential customers will recall your ad whenever looking at their plant, and your USP will stick into their mind

Digital billboards for tailored ATL communication

Basic yet effective example of digital billboards to tailor your ATL communication.

Advertised outfit evolves based on current weather conditions:

Results: good way to boost your sales based on external factors (could be easily replicated for a Starbucks-like business model, ie advertise iced coffee vs. hot beverages)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Projection retail

Or how to mix real products with rich content.

Reasonable cost, and quite new in traditional retail:

Results: adds value to shoppers, visually arresting, great differentiation tool

Holograms - déjà vu, yet amazing execution makes the trick

Great holographic execution for a lingerie store in Paris:

Results: see for yourself, people do stop by and capture the moment (good chance they'll share it with their friends, too)

Coca-Cola teams up with Google and goes mobile, worldwide

Mobile Grand Prix winner at Cannes 2012

Great execution of a worldwide, cross-channel campaign:

- mobile app linked with vending machines
- customers can send a free Coke to someone via a vending machine located in various locations around the globe
- interaction with customers receiving free Coke (they can send a message and even share their reactions via a webcam placed on the vending machine)

Results: millions of downloads, great consumer interaction and engagement, strong emotional bond with the brand

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blend in your environment

Here's a good example of how to use objects around you to advertise at a low cost.

No need for a billboard...

Results: definitely triggers more awareness than the billboard underneath

Yet another innovative communication touch point

Where to place your brand once every spot is taken?

Well, what about using your own t-shirt? Or your consumers' ...

Results: not so sure about impact on brand awareness (would need to define subtle advertising), but definitely some coolness factor

Educate, engage, empower and entertain your consumers

Or how Cadbury's got it right when promoting their new re-sealable pack.

A good example of educating consumers on a rather boring topic (ie packaging) through innovative engagement, empowerment and entertainment.

Results: make the headlines with innovative advertising and consumer engagement

Creating a new communication touch point

Here's an innovative way at using the environment as a communication touch point.

Why bother using a screen when you can use the entire room?

Car maker Hyundai designed this Hyper Matrix for the Hyundai Motor Group exhibition pavilion in Korea.

Somewhat expensive, and certainly requires technical (and creative) skills, however astonishing effect!

Results: free air time in ATL, lots of buzz online and offline, good link with brand values (technology)

Engage with customers, emotionally

What's the best way for a Brand to stick into customers' minds?

Engaging with them, emotionally!

LG wanted to show how real their images looked.

This time it starts with fear, then relief...

Results: yes, customers will remember your brand!

Cost-effective targeted advertising

Who would have thought British Airways to be creative and innovative?

BA shows us a good example of cheap and greatly targeted advertising to increase awareness on their destinations and pricing, right among their potential customers.

Simple idea: go find your audience:

Results: free buzz and direct link with targeted audience